Alex Wizz Street Kids

Alex, from the Wizz Street Kids

is a character who features in The Wizzo's comic strip, The Wizz Street Kids, Alex is the main leader of one of the two gangs.


Alex was originally going to be in the unmade comic strip, Wizard School, which was about some naughty pupils who learnt magic (A parody of Harry Potter). The strip was to be drawn by Harry Rickard. Harry's favourite character was Alex, so when the comic strip was cut. Harry still kept him as well as a few others. when Kieren Gillespie designed the Wizz Street Kids, he and Harry decided to merge the two strips together. With a new redesign he was ready for action. He appears in Issue 5, when he and his gang join the school, both gangs immediately take a dislike towards each other, and the two gangs declare war!


Hair style: Originally Alex was going to have a hair style similar to that of The Beano's Ball Boy, from the 1970's. Kieren Gillepsie claimed that he looked like a nerd. Harry taking in this opinion, decided to revamp him completely. When he appears in Wizz Street Kids, his face is changed to look more menacing, His hairstyle also changes
Alex (from Wizard School) improved

Alex, when he was in Wizard School (improved picture)

, whereas he stays blonde, his hair is more spiky and trendier. Originally Alex wore a brown robe over the of a burgandy shirt. The style was then changed slightly, he wore a grey jumper and now had a red tie. When he appears in Wizz Street Kids, he wears a short sleeve shirt, and a Wizz Street School tie. He also is usually seen with a catapult in his back pocket or in his hands.