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Arty's Know How was a comic strip that first featured in Issue 1, it took up two pages in the comic and was drawn by Dan Riley and Harry Rickard Arty had a two page feature in the Wizzo, in the feature, he taught the readers how to make things. It was always just turning somthing into a container.


Arty made his last appearance on 'Arty's Know How' in Issue 3. To mark his last ever Know How story, Harry Rickard decided to make it into comic strip, rather than the usual crafting page. In the comic strip Arty becomes mad and attempts to take over The Wizzo comic however the artist stops him.


Arty returns with a How to Draw page in Issue 4.


  • Arty was one of two pages to of been added to Issue 1 at the last minute, the other being Cookie's Guide to Cooking
  • Arty originally had blonde hair but Dan Riley changed his hair to ginger.
  • Arty's crafts he made were inspired by CITV's Art Attack.