Baldy hates being bald

Main Artist

Josh Champion

Secondary Artist


Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

White with red tie



First Appearance

Issue 4

Last Appearance


Baldy is a character in The Wizzo who joined the comic in Issue 4. He is drawn by Josh Champion.


Baldy was thought up by Josh Champion and Harry Rickard after the two were trying to come up with a new short story. The story was originally called 100 Problems with being a Baldy but was then changed to being about a man and his problems with being bald. He joins the comic in Issue 4 being on the same page as Martha the Mad, A Day in the Life of a Teaching... and one issue wonder The Mud Fighters, all of which also joined in the same issue.

Baldy is forever troubled by the Bald Hating Society, a group made to destroy bald people.

Artists and WritersEdit

Baldy is drawn by Josh Champion, Baldy was Josh's first comic strip which was not a story he filled in for. His next piece being Team Time which appears in Issue 5.

Josh wrote the first 2 strips and supplied the artwork whereas strips 3 and 4 are both written by Wizzo Editor and artist Harry Rickard.