Bill the Buyer is a comic strip in The Wizzo that will debut in Issue 3. It is drawn by Welsh artist Jonathan Barham.


Bill the Buyer will buy anything and everything. He can't help himself. He has only one friend, yet to be named. It's surprising Bill even has a friend, considering all the things he does.


Issue 3: Bill buys an atomic bomb and blows up the house.

Issue 4: Bill goes on a shopping spree with a fiver, ending up only buying a Wizzo.

Issue 5: Bill steals half the stuff from a buy 1 get 1 free shelf, his excuse being he took all the free ones.

Artists and WritersEdit

Bill the Buyer is written and drawn by Jonathan Barham, however the idea for issue 5 was thought up by Wizzo artist, Hannes Smit.


  • Each strip so far has been a different size, the first one being a short 3 frame, the second will be a full page and the third will be reduced to half a page.
  • The strip is some of the first featured work from artist and writer Jonathan Barham.

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