The Wizzo shall close forever... APRIL FOOLS!

But what is going to stop is the way you'll see the appearences of your favourite cartoon characters!

Yes, the staff and editors have been set a task to draw the characters in completely different styles, here's the line-up so far...

Detailed Blong by Harry Rickard

Manga Zappy by Harry Rickard

Basic Jumbo Jet by Harry Rickard

Manga Chav by Hannes Smit

Tiddy Timmy (Tiny Tim) by Kieren Gillespie

Frank's Volleyball Team (Frank's Footie Team) by Harry Rickard

Future of WizzHouse* by Harry Rickard and Kieren Gillespie

Mrs A as a Capital Letter by Sam Jones

Patrick the Pleasant (Patrick the Prankster) by Harry Rickard

Others to be designed...

  • - Future of WizzHouse- When Ben, Jack and Amy are pulled through a wormhole, they end up in the future, and meet themselves as grown ups! Will they be able to get back to the real world? Will they be able to find the last two mirror pieces, find out in the extra long story of WizzHouse!