Jungle Jeopardy

Jungle Jeopardy
The useless Hunter

Main Artist

Josh Champion

Secondary Artist

Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

Green (camouflage)



First Appearance

Issue 2

Last Appearance


Jungle Jeopardy is a comic strip that first features in Issue 2 drawn by Sue Nicholls.


The story is about a silly hunter who always tries to kill the animals of a jungle, the original story has the hunter pointing a gun at a small ape with King Kong behind the hunter glaring at him. In Issue 3, Harry Rickard takes over the strip making it a half page story (an advert taking up the other half), the story then returns again in Issue 5 with Josh Champion taking over the comic strip due to Harry having too much stories to work on.


  • Jungle Jeopardy is the only story in the Wizzo to of featured three times with three different artists.