Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny

Rich VS Poor

Main Artist

Harry Rickard

Secondary Artist


Hair Colour

MADDIE: black, NORA: brown

Shirt Colour

MADDIE: red with black pinafore, NORA: purple


Rich VS Poor!

First Appearance

Issue 1

Last Appearance


Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny is a two page comic strip in the Wizzo comic. They first feature in Issue 1.


The story is about two girls who are next-door neighbours, Maddie is very rich and lives in a giant mansion while Nora lives in a small, thatch cottage. Nora is very intelligent and Maddie is jealous of her so to get back at her she always makes herself looks better than Nora. After Maddie has a few laughs at picking on Nora and her lack of money, Nora usually gets the last laugh with something happening to Maddie.


Maddie Bout MoneyEdit

Maddie Bout Money- Miss Madeline Rose Elizabeth 'Bout Money is an 12 year old snob. She is very spoilt and always tries to do better than her enemy, Nora Penny, (e.g. Issue 1- Nora makes a paper plane and then Maddie gets a real plane.)

Nora PennyEdit

Nora Penny- Nora Penny is an 11 year old girl. She is Maddie Bout Money's next-door neighbour. Her father works for a living by cleaning cars for 2p. They are very poor and live in a small hut-like house, whereas Maddie and her family live in a mansion. Maddie's parents like Nora, but Nora is always picked on by Maddie because she can't afford much. However whereas Maddie has the money, it's Nora who has the brains. And in the end, she always gets the last laugh.


  • Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny names are a play on words on the sentences, Mad About Money and Not a Penny.
  • Maddie was originally going to be called Vi Havalot but was changed to Maddie Bout Money.