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Martin is the youngest artist in the Wizzo.

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September 2010

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First Appearance

Super Pencil - Issue 4

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Martin Smit is a Wizzo artist, and is the youngest artist at the age of 12.


Martin Smit has always known about the Wizzo as his older brother Hannes Smit works for it. Martin is a big fan of the comic and also great friends with the whole team. Martin always wanted to work for the Wizzo, and when he and his friend designed a character called Super Pencil, Harry Rickard knew this character would go well in the Wizzo. After Martin produced a new comic strip with some pretty good drawings, Harry hired him. Martin was overjoyed and got to work straight away. Martin became an official member of the team when he went up to secondary school.


Martin Smit was fired from the Wizzo Comic in December 2010 after being lazy and not working, Martin was meant to draw Super Pencil for Issue 3, the front cover featured him, however the story was only half finished. He was given several warnings but in the end, Harry Rickard got fed up with something that was never going to happen, so he was fired.


Martin was re-hired in late August after drawing some more Super Pencil stories, Harry then decided to give him one more chance. Martin has since then created a new story called Art VS Artist, it is unknown as of yet if the story will feature.

The WizzTeam

Editor: Harry Rickard

Co-editor: Hannes Smit

Artists: Kieren GillespieSam JonesSue NicholsJonathan BarhamRose EdwardsTom SouthallJosh ChampionMax ChampionMartin Smit

Previous Artists: Dan RileyReaven HackettAlex DaviesMyles King

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