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Mr Clocky Mr Clocky is a character originally made by Michael Saunders.

Mr Clocky first features in Issue 1 and was originally going to be kicked out in Issue 10 but was then decided to be kept.

After POST and Balloon dissapear from the comic in Issue 4, the Mr Clocky story becomes a full page, and sometimes a half pager, with either advertisments, Uggy, Mrs A or other short strips below...

Mr Clocky may well leave around Issue 15, but as of yet, it's not confirmed, in Issue 1 instead of a Mr Clocky strip, there's some clock jokes, this is because Michael didn't give us a comic strip for that particular issue.

The original Mr Clocky had a mouth, but it was gotten rid of for two reasons,

  1. Clock's have no mouths...
  2. Harry Rickard forgot to draw one!