Myles King was a cartoonist in the Wizzo and was actually the founder of The Wizzo.


Myles created a few characters for the Wizzo, these included Nerdman (an un-used superhero nerd), Lou the lightbulb, Glob (the shapeshifting blob), When Cows Attack (an un-used adventure story) and Moo (the mini alien).

Wizzprentice 09Edit

Myles took part in the Wizzprentice 2009 coming second overall, during the competition he designed the un-used character Moo.

Departure and Comic Da BoomEdit

Myles quit unexpectedly from the comic on August 7th 2009, during his time away from the comic he designed another comic named Comic Da Boom with Alex Davies, this comic contained characters such as Glob, Lou and Dead Ned, it was designed to try and beat the Wizzo's popularity but stopped making the comic halfway through Issue 1 as Alex had left, and myles realised it was no match for the wizzo.

Brief ReturnEdit

In January 2010, Myles was re-hired, meaning the two comics merged, only Dead Ned, Glob and Lou made it through however. He was then fired in May 2010 after having an arguement with two of the artists and claimed that he hated being bossed around, another reason why he was fired was because he was distracting the artists. He claimed that he owned the Wizzo and that if the team did fire him, he would sue them. He has yet to press charges.

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