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POST and Balloon

POST and Balloon
POST and Balloon, the weirdest characters ever.

Main Artist

Alex Davies

Secondary Artist

Harry Rickard

Hair Colour


Shirt Colour




First Appearance

Issue 1

Last Appearance

Issue 2

POST and Balloon was a short-lived comic strip in the Wizzo, drawn by past artist Alex Davies. At the end of every comic strip, something always happens to POST. e.g. Snapping, ending up in jail, Getting hurt etc... Although Harry drew most of the strip, it was actually originally created by Alex Davies.


POST and Balloon disappeared from the comic after Issue 2, as they depart they get the back page for their story so it's the last thing you read.


Issue 1Edit

Balloon is deflated so POST pumps him up again, but then Balloon flies floats away, POST grabs on but slips and snaps, a bird then flies into Balloon, causing Balloon to burst.

Issue 2Edit

POST and Balloon win a competition to go to the Cheese Factory and also win a car, on their way a speed camera catches them speeding and they're sent to jail, where the reader says Looks like they're not going after all! (last strip)

Issue 3Edit

(Un-used story) POST and Balloon Test their Strength, Balloon hits the bell but POST strains so much he snaps.


POST and Balloon ended because the stories weren't funny and the plots were sometimes too random or too confusing. The story was also voted as the worst story in Issue 1. Although in Issue Something, Tom Southhall introduced Bucket and Balloonhead. In wich Balloonhead looks slightly like Balloon, although there is no connection.

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