Robert Robot

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Robert Robot is one of the most popular stories in the Wizzo.

Main Artist

Harry Rickard

Secondary Artist

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Shirt Colour



Bums. (said a lot in Robert Robot is the BESTEREST)

First Appearance

Issue 3

Last Appearance


Robert Robot is a character in the Wizzo. He joined the comic in Issue 3 on the first Shorts page. He is drawn mostly by Harry Rickard.

History Edit

Robert Robot was created by Harry Rickard in November 2010 for a new story for the revamp. After uploading the first strip to deviantART the story immediately became popular and soon fan art began to pour in featuring Robert Robot. Robert and his owner Tom, overall had 10 stories in their run, two of which were drawn by different artists Josh Champion and Jonathan Barham.

After the series ended, Harry introduced a brand new series called Robert Robot is the BESTEREST which had Robert Robot trying to prove he was the best short in the Wizzo, failing every time.

Trivia Edit

  • Robert Robot's creation was the reason the Wizzo introduced 'Shorts' pages in the Wizzo.
  • In the final episode of the first series, Robert's owner is revealed to be called Tom.