Tall and Small

Tall and Small Picture
Tall and Small are tall and small.

Main Artist

Hannes Smit

Secondary Artist


Hair Colour

TALL: Brown, SMALL: Blonde

Shirt Colour

TALL: Green, SMALL: Red



First Appearance

Issue 3

Last Appearance


Tall and Small is a story which began in Issue 3 of the Wizzo drawn by Hannes Smit. Tall and Small are half brothers. The two of them live together and get on quite well and enjoy each other's company, but they also love nothing more than taking the mickey out of each other's height problems.

History Edit

Tall and Small were created by Hannes Smit in November 2010 during the Wizzo revamp when Hannes wanted to make a new short for the comic. Hannes wanted to make a story with lots of small jokes due to himself being very tall. Harry liked the idea and suggested calling the story 'Tall and Small', Hannes liking the sound of it got to work producing stories. The series will have a 20 story run.

Characters Edit


He is small


He is tall

Trivia Edit

  • Tall is based off Hannes Smit.
  • Small is based off Kieren Gillespie.
  • Harry Rickard writes most of the stories, Hannes draws them.
  • Some of the story lines come from real life between Hannes and Kieren insulting each other.