The Weather Man Picture The Weather Man is a short in The Wizzo. It is written and drawn by Jonathan Barham. The Weather Man is a strip showing things that might happen if the weather could hear you and talk to you. Usually The Weather Man tries to help but actually ends up causing more havoc for the person he's helping!

Other CharactersEdit


  • A hooded figure who is always unhappy with the weather. The Weather Man tries to help him but makes things worse.

The Weather Man Edit

  • A human Weather Man, of whom The Weather Man tries to help during weather forecasts, but fails.


  • The Weather Man was originally called God, however it was later realised some people may be offended by this
  • On the Weather Man strip of which features in Issue 5, a sign is hanging from the roof saying W.B.C. This stans for the Wizzo Broadcasting Corporation, a pun on the B.B.C.