Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim picture
Tiny Tim, the toddling terror

Main Artist

Kieren Gillespie

Secondary Artist

Harry Rickard

Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

None/Light Blue


The tiny, toddling terror

First Appearance

Issue 2

Last Appearance


Tiny Tim is a little pest, he is always up to some menacing thing but usually the person he is menacing gets the last laugh. Tiny Tim is illustrated by Kieren Gillespie and sometimes by Harry Rickard.


Tiny Tim starts creating havoc in Issue 2 in a 5 pager special by Harry Rickard, in which the Motor Pram also originates. People often mistake Harry Rickard as the creator of Tiny Tim, although Kieren Gillespie is the creator and main artist.


Tiny Tim originally wore a long sleeve blue top, a nappy, an ammo strap (in which he keeps his Milk Bottle Bazookas) and some red boots, Kieren then changed his style to a blue vest top instead. He was then changed to having no top in a drawing which Harry was the first to use in a comic, the comic being the five-pager special, and wearing a fluffy nappy, similar to Cuddles from past Dandy strip Cuddles and Dimples. It was then decided that when at home, Tim would usually wear no top, his ammo strap and wear a nappy. But when he went to Sunshine Lollipops Playgroup, he wears a blue short-sleeved shirt, his nappy and red boots.


In Issue 2, Tiny Tim makes the Motor Pram which can fly up in the air. Then when Tim wants to 'dispose' of a nappy, he just opens the pram hatch, and the nappy falls down onto some unfortunate person. It can also go up to 300mph and has rockets at the back for extra speed. As well as this he can also ride on Bruiser's back.


He also has a dog called Bruiser. Bruiser appears in future stories and gets his own spin-off strip titled, Bruiser, the Adventures of Tiny Tim's Pet Dog! This comic strip is drawn by both Kieren as well as Harry, Harry being the main artist of it. The main characters are Bruiser and Tim's Dad, but the mum and Tim appear in it regularly. Bruiser also appears in Tiny Tim's comic strips, the title may change to Tiny Tim and Bruiser.


  • Tiny Tim is inspired by Dennis the Menace and Cuddles and Dimples.